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One Year Old, a Golden Birthday to start 2021

I met baby N before she was born, when she was still growing in her mama's tummy. I had the pleasure of capturing this growing family when Andrea and Dave were pregnant with their first baby (ok, second to fur baby, Charly!). Andrea had that inner and outer glow that comes with bringing a new babe into the world, and I felt connected to her maybe a little

more than normal, because we were pregnant at the same time, and due about a month apart.

Here's Andrea with fur baby Charly and growing baby N!

Now, this is an extra special birthday, because January 1, 2020, Baby N was the FIRST baby to be born at the hospital! First baby of the year! How cool! So this January 1, 2021 is not only her FIRST birthday, but it's her GOLDEN birthday. And her mom made sure to bring the sparkle with a gold glittered "One" sign, and lots of pink and gold accents all around.

Baby N is so loved. Photo above with grandpa is so sweet, as she checks out her cake and decorations!

The look on Grandma's face almost made me cry when I was going through their photos. Can you see the look of love and pride she is giving her daughter? Her daughter, Andrea, who Grandma loves so deeply, is now a mom herself. Grandma is looking at her as if to say, "Now you understand the depth of my love for you."

Having a child of your own really makes you start to understand your parents a little better. (And how much you made them put up with, haha, sorry Mom & Dad!)

And we can we talk about how cute Charly and Baby N are together? Charly is *slightly* obsessed.

We rounded out the celebration by getting Baby N bundled up in her adorable snowsuit (is there anything cuter than a marshmallow baby?) and onto her red sled. We just got a fresh snow and couldn't resist to get her outside for a few.

Happy GOLDEN birthday Baby N! May your all your years to come be filled with the love I saw you surrounded with.


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