How to Plan the Best Elopement Wedding in Madison, WI

Elopement Style - Intimate Wedding - Micro Wedding

Whatever name you want to go by, since 2020, there has been a huge increase in couples choosing to do things a little differently!

Maybe it's what you wanted all along, before a bunch of other people's expectations and well-intentioned advice got in the way of the wedding day you really wanted.

Maybe an intimate ceremony with just you, your fiancé, and witnesses is what you wanted in the first place.

Maybe you *just want to be married already* and are tired of planning, and re-planning your day.

Maybe you are ready to envision your wedding day looking a little different, yet every bit the beautiful, intimate, and happy event it is supposed to be!

Then maybe I'm the photographer for you and your micro wedding or elopement!

Why Plan an Elopement Wedding?

Here's great news about planning an elopement style or micro wedding (Can you tell how excited this makes me?)


Ditch the pressure to have an over-the-top wedding day with over-the-top price tags. Create a small, epic day for your closest family and friends, and guess what?

2. You will ACTUALLY be able to SPEND TIME CELEBRATING with those who mean the most to you. NO running around not getting to eat the dinner you paid thousands for just to make sure you said "Hi and thank you" to every.single.guest that came (including your mom's co-workers you don't even know anyway.) Ditch that. Because this party is...

3. EXCLUSIVE as you want it to be. Do you want the officiant, your fiancé, and the witnesses only? THEN DO IT! Do you want a small gathering of just the ones who love you most, THEN DO IT! Everyone may not be on board at first, but use that to your advantage and buckle up and create the micro wedding of your dreams.

4. You can (almost) literally get married ANYWHERE

That cool field on your grandpa's farm? Yep. Your backyard? Yep. In the middle of the woods? Yep! The Capitol (OF COURSE!)

The ceremony can happen in so many more places now, because the logistics of coordinating the space for WAY less people is WAY EASIER!!!


Ok, so obviously this is where I get excited. The wedding day gets simplified, which ultimately creates LESS STRESS. Believe me, this comes across in the photos. You are less stressed, there are way less moving parts to worry about, and you can just ENJOY YOUR WEDDING. 

We have all the time we need for photos, and we’re in control of the time of day we take them. At a "traditional" wedding, the photo session and ceremony have to fit into the day while taking into account so many other variables- which could mean non-ideal lighting conditions where you might not look your best, or limited amount of time to do what you want.


With Elopement and Micro weddings, we can schedule the ceremony AND photos at the BEST time of day for photos, all while creating the perfect timeline with less variables. WIN-WIN!


To add to that, you can now use the budget you saved to spend a little more on the details you’d really like to have. Want a bespoke suit made for your man at Indo Chino? (Highly recommend). Want lusciously gorgeous flowers for your bouquet, without having to spend thousands on centerpieces...heck yes. Want to throw an intimate candle-lit dinner party for your closest while overlooking the glowing Madison, WI Capitol at night...of course!

So How Do You Plan The Best Ever Micro Wedding?

Pick Your Dream Spot

There are literally NO RULES (ok, maybe a few laws) to where you can say your I do's! A smaller crowd is way easier to accommodate so pick your dream location and run with it! Non-traditional spots are encouraged! Businesses are generally ready and willing to break their own "rules" about minimums, and are giving discounts to couples who are doing things "a little differently".

Spend some of the money you're now saving to bring in some great and unique vendors.

Now is your opportunity to go with the vendors you really want but maybe didn't fit the budget with a larger guest count. 

Set up an on location catered dinner, or move to your favorite restaurant. 

Having a smaller guest count, it’s now possible to set up a small reception wherever you’d like. Again, whatever your dream location is for this, this is probably the only year that it will be possible to do, so let's do it!

How To Get Great Photos of your Elopement Wedding

Schedule your ceremony around the light. Choose a time (I can help you with this) that your dream location looks GOOD in photos. Good light is (almost) everything for good photos.

Hire a great photographer (that's me!) for a few hours to capture the magic.  

Hire me to come for a few hours (2-4 ish) and that will cover a bit of you getting ready, the ceremony, a few family photos, and photos of the two of you. I can also come to the reception as well!

As a hybrid candid and portrait photographer, I will be able to capture the emotion, the moments and the wedding day you've been dreaming of!

Contact me below or email me today, and I will get back to you within hours so we can start to create the elopement style wedding you've been dreaming of.