Storytelling vs Documentary vs Fine Art vs Portraiture...what kind of photographer style do you want for your wedding?

Which kind of photographer should you choose? What's the difference? 

What are all these terms, and what do they mean when picking out your photographer?

Honestly, these are mostly industry labels we use to try to explain our style of photographing and editing, yet they are SO unclear to non-photographers (ahem...bride & groom to be)!

Just like anyone, I don't like to be put in a box. Why do I have to choose just one?!! Who made that rule?

Here's My Stance:

I will create beautiful portraits (placing you in strategic locations in the best light) to allow BOTH real moments to happen AND create gorgeous photos (portraiture).

I will catch those stolen glimpses, a wiped away tear of joy, a beaming looking of pride from your parents' faces, your flower girl twirling in her fancy dress...all the unscripted, candid moments (documentary).

I will weave together these moments as they happen, while guiding & following you through your day to capture all the parts that create the mosaic of your wedding day (storytelling)!

Why Limit Ourselves?

I couldn't imagine describing myself as just one type of photographer, because each style has its purpose and part of the day to bring together the memories of your day that will last a lifetime.

You're unique as a couple, your wedding day is wholly yours, and I will be there with all the photography styles to capture it beautifully, authentically, and artistically to weave together the story of your day.

If this sounds exactly what you've been looking for, email or DM me to book your wedding day!