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Photo credit Tattered Oak Photography

Theresa and monsters 1 & 2; hubby is home mowing. (Seriously! Ha!)

Hi, I'm Theresa

You know I'm a photographer, so what makes me the photographer for you?

I might be the right photographer for you if you love romance and flowers as much as leggings and a messy bun.


I'm one of those --extroverted introverts-- that sums me up well. I would love to know my enneagram number but whenever I take those tests, I agree with all the answers so I never get a good number! I'm a wife, mom to two girlies and a new boy (coffee anyone?), and believe photos are so important because they forever capture the unforgettable moments in our lives - from the every day to the special events.  In fact...THAT'S why I love photos so much...those off-the-cuff snapshots - usually end up being our favorites...why is that? Catching those un-staged moments, with true emotion and real love, makes my heart beat.

Are you fun-loving, full of life, and unapologetically you?

If you love real emotion, gorgeous light, and savoring life's sweet moments, let's talk.

Your life is beautiful, unforgettable, and worth documenting in timeless photographs worthy of your gallery wall.

I'm so glad you're here. I'm Theresa and I'm obsessed with capturing the beautiful lives that we live.

I believe everyday is a gift.​

Let's chat and schedule your session today.

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